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Pressure gauges for hydrogen

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For over 20 years the company LABOM Mess- und Regeltechnik, based in the northern German town of Hude, has been making measuring devices for hydrogen applications. Drawn from this experience, LABOM has developed several series of pressure transmitters that can be used in both standardised and application-defined hydrogen processes. The measuring instruments of the PASCAL CV4 and PASCAL Ci4 series as well as COMPACT CA16 cover a measuring range between -1 and 1050 bar, depending on the capabilities of the individual pressure transmitter, can be used down to -40°C and are also certified with Ex-protection and some with SIL. Hydrogen-proof stainless steels are used for the wetted parts, as well as polymers suited to hydrogen, such as NBR, EPDM and PVDF.

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REconnect fast coupling device

Safe separation & connection of diaphragm seal systems

When it is necessary to replace or calibrate a measuring device, it usually calls for removal of the process connection. This not only interrupts the process it also leaves the process open while this is done. This is often a time-consuming and costly procedure, especially for hygienic processes and those handling toxic or delicate substances, as is common in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

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Labom is a specialist in pressure and temperature measurement technology. Especially individual, customised solutions are a trademark. The devices are used to measure and monitor pressure, level and temperature in various industries: