In-Process calibration of temperature measurement points

Schema of In-Process calibration
Schema of In-Process temperature device

An increasing number of measurement points require confirmation of accuracy by regular calibration - a cost and time intensive procedure. However, for temperature measurement points with average or low accuracy requirements, a new technology opens up the possibility of significantly reducing the costs and in particular downtimes. The Labom "In-process calibration" method with corresponding measurement equipment is suitable for all invasive temperature measurement points.

In this calibration concept, the measurement equipment is designed so that the comparison between measurement device and reference sensor can be performed in process („In-process calibration“). The certified reference sensor is inserted into a special calibration opening in the device.

This "In-process calibration" can reduce the calibration costs for measurements with average or low accuracy requirements and can be performed without production stoppages. An example application is the sterilisation with saturated water vapor (SIP).

Components for In-Process calibration method