HIT – Hygienic invasive temperature measurement

Schema of HIT thermowell system
Smart invasive thermowell system HIT

Especially for the requirements of the food/ parmaceutical/ biotechnology industry thermowells protect the temperature instrument from the pressure, flow-induced forces, and chemical effects of the process fluid.

Usually the thermowell is welded into the pipeline with the help of a bore hole. However, this procedure bears the risk that weld seams don´t meet hygienic roughness requirements.  To solve this problem the use of a HIT thermowell system can guarantee hygienic invasive temperature measurements: It is welded orbitally in a process pipe section. The HIT system consists of straight or angled pipe sections with an integrated thermowell in one piece. The neck tube with the Pt 100 sensor of the resistance thermometer can thus be assembled and disassembled without any interruption of the process.

This smart invasive measurement method enables a particularly fast responding measurement and a sterile temperature measuring without any gasket. Once installed in the process, the measuring sensor or device can be removed easiliy without production stoppage.

HIT thermowells and suitable temperature transmitter