Surface temperature measurement in clamp-on technology

Schema for temperature measurement
Temperature measurement on pipe surface

Measuring the medium temperature is a common task in the pharmaceutical and food industry. This is usually achieved with invasive measuring systems which reach into the process area. This procedure is common and robust, but the necessary process interfaces add an additional hygienic risk.

An alternative way especially for the measurement of steam sterilisation is by measuring the pipe surface temperature. The surface measurement method is more sensitive to process and ambient conditions. The measuring insert is suited with an especially fast operating silver temperature sensor. Constant pressure is applied to the surface of the pipe by the spring force. It is particularly useful for measuring water and watery solutions, as well as saturated steam in indoor applications. Labom´s clamp-on devices for surface measurements are convincing by quick and cost efficient installation without welding.

The common method of steam sterilisation requires usually the sterilisation temperature to be monitored at various locations in the system. In this cases the advantages of surface temperature measurement, i.e. lower system costs and more flexibility, can be fully utilized.

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Suitable devices for clamp-on technology