Single process connection – dual benefit

Kombibar system
Combined pressure measurement system: "Kombibar"

Labom realised for many customers tailor-made solutions for their very specific measurement tasks. One of the favorite solutions are "Kombibar" devices:  in one measurement point two different measurement methods are combined. 

Typically, the “Kombibar” devices by Labom are equipped with a mechanical on-site indicator, which ensures permanent indication - quick and easy – and requires only one process connection. The pressure transmitter delivers highly precise data that can be recorded and analysed in the plant control system.

Using a corresponding adapter, a wide range of variations - also with additional features - can be realised. If required, further functions can be added such as an additional switch function for safety shut offs if a certain pressure limit is detected.

To meet hygienic requierement in the food industry the combination with hygienic diaphragm seals is possible. In paint shops the use of silicone free fill liquids have proven success and in gas and oil industry diaphragm seals suitable for high pressure peaks are the choice.

For every measurement task a suitable combination can be found.

Possible combinations in Kombibar design