Compensation of temperature error by 80-90%

Active temperature compensation
Schematic layout of the diaphragm seal system using ATC

Diaphragm seals are frequently used in the process industry for pressure measurements to protect the measuring device against aggressive media or to create a gap-free process connection. A drawback is that the diaphragm seal is not completely non-reactive. The pressure transmission fluid expands as a result of the process heat and deflects the separating diaphragm. This generates a restoring force depending on the rigidity of the above mentioned diaphragm, which is received as an error in the pressure measurement.

To remedy this, Labom has developed and implemented a further compensation process to create a solution for this problem. The temperature of the pressure transmission fluid is recorded with an additional temperature sensor (ATC technology (ATC = Active Temperature Compensation)). This sensor is positioned as close as possible to the separating diaphragm. The sensor thus records the temperature of the liquid behind this diaphragm with good accuracy.

Resulting errors can now mathematically be corrected immediately, so that the temperature error can be reduced by 80-90% with small diaphragm seals in a stationary state. High-precision pressure measurements can thus be carried out directly benefitting from the high accuracy of the pressure measuring device.

Devices with ATC technology