Electrical 2-wire temperature switch clamp-on technology

Type series GP2610

Electrical 2-wire temperature switch clamp-on technology - GP2610


  • Electrical 2-wire temperature switch for connecting to a digital PLC I/O
  • Various clamping elements for process connection
  • Hygienic temperature measurement for pipe diameters of 4…300 mm
  • Measuring system patented
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Easy installation
  • No welding, no interruption of process
  • No additional isolation required
  • Measuring insert can be recalibrated
  • Temperature switch with output signal 4 or 33 mA, 2-wire technology
  • Switch point setting by using a magnet; range from -40 to +160 °C
  • Switching point accuracy ± 0,5 K
  • Switching delay: 0 sec
  • Hysteresis 0.1 K
  • Switch state indicator with 2 LEDs (green light)
  • Electrical connection M12


  • Continuous flashing of the LEDs indicating: sensor break or short circuit
  • Switching point accuracy ± 0.1 K (factory calibration)
  • Switching delay 0…99 sec (factory calibration)
  • Hysteresis > 0,1 K

Technical Data

Constructional design / case
Design Fully encapsulated electronics unit
Material Case stainless steel mat.-no. 1.4301 (304)
Degree of protection IP 67 per DIN EN 60529
Electrical connection Circular connector M12, 4 pin
Temperature detecting element
Measuring insert Material stainless steel Ø 6 mm, screwed into the connection head under spring tension.
Measuring insert can re recalibrate, though replaceable. Installation arrangements are unchanged.
Measuring element from silver, thermally isolated with plastic insert.
Measuring resistor Pt 100 in thin layer technology
Temperature ranges
Ambient temperature -20...85 °C
Process temperature -40...150 °C
Allowed storage temperature -40...100 °C
Other temperature ranges upon request
Pipe collar
Material Temperature-resistant high performance plastics with integrated isolating system.
Degree of protection IP 65 per DIN EN 60529
Pipe nominal sizes Suited for all standard nominal sizes. Dimensions see order code.
Switching output
Type Electrical 2-wire temperature switch, output signal 4 or 33 mA
OFF: 4 mA
ON: 33 mA
Switch point setting range from -40 to +150 °C (factory settings, re-adjustable by customer by holding a magnet to the setting point)
Switching function max. makers
Switching delay 0 s, optional 0...99,9 s
Output state indicator green LED per switching output, 360° light
Supply 24 V DC -0V + 6 V DC
Switching cycles > 10 millions
Switching accuracy ± 0.5 K; optional ± 0.1 K after calibration
Hysteresis 0.1 K (higher on request)
Type series


  • T4-036

    Data Sheet

  • TA_008

    Technical Information

  • KE_036

    Declaration of Conformity