Resistance thermometer MiniTherm without thermowell

Type series GA2730

  • EX
  • SIL2
Resistance thermometer MiniTherm without thermowell - GA2730


  • For the installation in a separate thermowell
  • Measuring insert spring loaded
  • Compact and small design
  • Measuring resistor 1 x Pt100 in 3- wire technology, class A
  • Fast response
  • Circular connector M12 or field housing


  • Explosion protection
  • Classification per SIL2
  • Certificate of measuring equipment for Russian Federation
  • Transmitter can be integrated
  • Process connection union nut G3/8“

Technical Data

Constructional design / case
Design Measuring insert Ø 3 mm spring loaded and union nut M12x1
Alternative with extended neck tube
Material: Measuring insert: Stainless steel mat.-no. 1.4404 (316L)
Union nut: Stainless steel mat.-no. 1.4301 (304)
Length of measuring insert See order details
Degree of protection IP 67 per EN 60529
Electrical connection circular connector with screw connection M12
Field housing with screw cap
Mat.: stainless steel mat.-no. 1.4305 (303)
Measuring resistor Pt100 per EN 60751, connection: 3-wire technology
Pt100 per EN 60751, class A
Response time per EN 60751, test procedure with flowing
Measuring insert: t90 = 3 s
Including separate thermowell, type series HP1200 (pipe 6 x1 mm):
a) without heat sink compound t90>= 15 s
b) with heat sink compound t90= 6 s
We recommend the use of heat sink compound (Data sheet T6-030).
Temperature ranges
Design with circular connector M12 and field housing: Ambient: -40…85 °C
  Media: -50…200 °C
  Storage: -40…85 °C
Design with transmitter Ambient: -20…80 °C
  Media: -50…200 °C
  Storage: -20…80 °C
Integration Transmitter head mounted, Type series PA210., 4…20 mA,
  Transmitter head mounted, Type series PA220., electrically isolated, classification per SIL 2
  Transmitter head mounted, Type series PA230., electrically isolated, classification per SIL 2, HART
  Transmitter, Type series PA 2430, for circular connector M12
Suitable Pt 100 transmitter can be mounted
Tests and certificates
See documents
Type series


  • T4-017

    Data Sheet

  • BA_053

    Operating Instructions

  • XA_001

    Ex Instructions

  • SA_005

    SIL Instructions - Resistance thermometer

  • ZER_023

    Certifikate - (ATEX)

  • ZER_034

    Certifikate - (EHEDG)

  • KE_011

    Declaration of Conformity