Resistance thermometer Pt100, weld-in thermowell

Type series GA2520

  • EX
  • SIL2
Resistance thermometer Pt100, weld-in thermowell - GA2520


  • Resistance thermometers with weld-in thermowell
  • Thermowell DIN 43772 model 4 or custom-made design
  • Measuring resistor 1 x Pt 100 in 3- or 4-wire technology
  • Measuring resistor 1 x Pt100 or 2 x Pt100
  • Measuring insert interchangeable


  • Explosion protection
  • Classification per SIL2
  • Transmitter can be integrated

Technical Data

Constructional design / case
Mechanical design Measuring insert interchangeable with connection head and neck-tube
Connection head (options) · Model B, cap with 2 slotted screws, material aluminium, IP 54
· Model BUZH, high spring cover with slotted screw, material aluminium, IP 65
· Field housing Ø 60 mm, screw cap, stainless steel mat.-no. 1.4305 (303), IP 67
further connection heads upon request
Neck-tube Material stainless steel mat.-no. 1.4571 (316Ti)
Neck-tube Ø 9 mm, reinforced design Ø 11 mm
Length and connections see order code
Measuring insert Material stainless steel , interchangeeable, DIN 43735
Length of measuring insert l5 = Thermowell length L + 10 mm + M
Measuring insert Ø 6 mm
Resistor Pt 100 according to DIN EN 60751
Type of sensor / class / circuit see order code
Accuracy of resistor Class A according to DIN EN 60751
Thermowell Weld-in thermowell acc. to DIN 43772 model 4 or custom-made design
Applications and materials see order code
Option: certification of material testing per DIN EN 10204
Upon request a calculation for thermowells can be made (for static or dynamic application) with certificate.
Integration of transmitter* Suitable Pt100 transmitters can be integrated into the connection head.
a) instead of terminal block
b) mounting in the spring cover of the connection head BUZH
see product group T4 for analog or digital transmitters
LED on site indication programmable LED-on-site indication for stainless steel field housing (Ø 60 mm), see data sheet M6-031.
*See product group T4 for analog or digital transmitters
Certificates and approvals
See documents
Type series
GA2520, GA2521


  • T4-025-3

    Data Sheet

  • BA_015

    Operating Instruction

  • XA_002

    Ex Instructions - BVS 04 ATEX E 144 X

  • XA_003

    Ex Instructions - IBExU 13 ATEX 1017 X

  • XA_025

    Ex Instructions - ex-protection nA

  • SA_005

    SIL Instructions - Resistance thermometer

  • ZER_021

    Certificate - ATEX

  • ZER_082

    Certificate - IBExU

  • TA_033

    Technical Information

  • KE_005

    Declaration of Conformity