Flange-type design for high temperature applications

Type series DB9001

  • SIL2
Flange-type design for high temperature applications - DB9001


  • Recessed diaphragm of stainless steel, laser welded
  • Extension length: 91 mm
  • Measuring device connection: screwed with temperature decoupler or welded with temperature decoupler


  • Special lengths upon request

Technical Data

Constructional design / case
Design: Flange-type design, extension length: 91 mm,
Special lengths upon request, connection flange Ø 90 mm, with 4 bore holes d= 13 mm and 2 disassembly threads M12
Material basic body: stainless steel mat.-no. 1.4404 (316L)
Material clamping flange: stainless steel mat.-no. 1.4404 (316L)
Material diaphragm: stainless steel mat.-no. 1.4404 (316L)
Measuring device connection
Design: - With temperature decoupler screwed
- With temperature decoupler welded
System filling
See order details; further fillings upon request
Further details to pressure transmission fluids see general technical information TA_038.
Temperature ranges
Medium: Up to 320 °C (shortterm 350 °C), see order details system filling.
Storage: -20...80 °C (for system filling FV3H)
0...70 °C (for system filling FMH1)
Temperature error
Upon request we provide a detailed error calculation in order to optimise the system.
Installation position
Mounting position vertical
Weights: With measuring device connection G1/2: approx. 1.8 kg, further weights upon request.
- 2 socket head screws M12 x 55 DIN 912, quality A 2-70 (for disassembly)
- 2 gaskets DIN 7603 A 27 x 32 AI
- 4 socket head screws M12 x 35 DIN 912, quality A2-70 (for mounting)
Further informations to diaphragm seals see general technical information TA_031.
Type series


  • D5-053

    Data Sheet

  • TA_038

    Technical Information - Pressure Transmission Fluids