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  • Transmitter for temperature, head mounting for Pt100 SIEMENS Sitrans TH320

Transmitter for temperature, head mounting for Pt100 SIEMENS Sitrans TH320

Type series PA2320

  • EX
  • SIL2
  • HART
Transmitter for temperature, head mounting for Pt100  SIEMENS Sitrans TH320 - PA2320


  • Digital, programmable temperature transmitter
  • Alarm currents for open circuit and short-circuit individually programmable
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Digital communication via PDM/EDD
  • Diagnostic LED
  • Output signal: 4…20 mA, 2-wire technology
  • Suitable for installation in connecting heads in accord-ance with DIN, form B


  • Explosion protection for gases and dust
  • SIL2 classification, SIL3 with redundant use of two PA2320
  • Configurable via HART®

Technical Data

Constructional design
Dimensions: See dimensional drawing,
Material: molded plastic
Degree of protection per EN 60529: Case: IP 68
Terminals: IP 00
Vibration resistance per EN 60068-2-6: 2...25 Hz: 1.6 mm
25…100 Hz: 4 g
Weight: 50 g (0.11 lb)
Electrical connection: Screw terminals, max. 1.5 mm2
Type of input: Pt100 per EN 60751
Type of connection: 2 x 3-wire technology
Wire resistance per wire: max. 50 Ω
Detection limit for short-cicuit input: 15 Ω
Min/Max values: For each sensor input,
For each measuring mode:
  For transmitter electronic temperature:
not resettable
Measuring rate: 100 Hz
Resolution: 24 Bit
Signal: Current output, adjustable: 4…20 mA
Lower limit: 3,5…4 mA
Upper limit: 20...23 mA
Current simulation: 3,5...23 mA
Alarm current: 3,5...23 mA
freely configurable for:
- sensor break
- sensor short circuit
- sensor drift
Digital communication: HART®-protocol
Device driver: EDD for PDM 9.1
Function: - Linear
- Inverse
Resolution: ≤ ± 1,6 µA (0.01 % of full output range)
Step response: ≤ 75 ms (typical 70 ms)
Basic accuracy: ≤ 0.04 °C (when using Pt100, class A)
Temperature influence ambient: ≤ 0.002 °C/°C
Influence of supply voltage change: < 0.005 % of measuring span/V DC
Load influence: < 0.01 % of measuring span/100 Ω
Long-term drift: ≤ 0.05 % of measuring span/year
≤ 0.18 % of measuring span/5 years
Supply voltage
Voltage: 7.5…48 V DC, protected against polarity reversal
  7,5...30 V DC (Ex i), protected against polarity reversal
Temperature ranges
Ambient: -50...85 °C
-40...80 °C (SIL2/3)
Storage: -50...85 °C
Tests and certificates
See data sheet.
Type series


  • T4-073-1

    Data Sheet

  • ZER_113

    Certificate - ATEX

  • HE_170

    SIL Declaration