Reference sensor for In-process calibration with connection cable

Type series GA3110

Reference sensor for In-process calibration with connection cable - GA3110


  • Measuring resistor per EN 60751
  • Measuring sensor Ø 1,6 mm
  • Temperature range 0…250 °C
  • Accuracy per EN 60751 class A (1/3 B)
  • Electrical connection in 4-wire technology


  • Temperature range 0…400 °C
  • Further lengths of measuring inserts upon request
  • Electrical connection with plug upon request
  • Calibration certificate per DI EN 10204-3.1
  • DKD calibration certificat

Technical Data

Constructional design / case
Mechanical design: Resistance thermometer with protective tube, stainless steel, mat.-no. 1.4301 (304)
  Length of sensor see order code
  Connection cable 1 m, 4 x 0,22 mm; 40 mm free wire ends
  Optional: with connection plug, upon request
Measuring resistor: Measuring insert Pt 100 per EN 60751
  Nominal value of Pt 100 sensor: 100 Ohm at 0 °C
classe A
classe 1/3 B for range 0...150 °C,
selected and aged
Temperature range: standard: 0…250 °C
Measuring insert length: The length of the measuring insert is to be selected so that the measuring insert stands on the thermowell bottom. This ensures good heat transfer.
We recommend the use of thermolube.
  The measuring insert is manufactured according to customerspecifications.
Possible lengths: 100…2000
Type series


  • T4-045-46

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