Measuring insert for In-process calibration with additional test pipe

Type series GA3100

  • EX
  • SIL2
Measuring insert for In-process calibration with additional test pipe - GA3100


  • Measuring insert per DIN 43735 with additional test pipe
  • Measuring insert Ø 6 mm
  • Temperature range -50…400 °C
  • Measuring resistor per EN 60751
  • Accuracy per DIN EN 60751, class A
  • Electrical connection in 4-wire technology


  • Ex-protection
  • Classification per SIL2
  • Measuring insert Ø 4 mm
  • Prepared for transmitter mounting

Technical Data

Constructional design / case
Mechanical design: measuring insert with connectionsocket per DIN 43735 and with additional test pipe
  measuring insert: stainless steelmat.-no. 1.4571 (316 Ti)
  length and Ø see order details
  The measuring insert is spring loaded (spring travel: max. 10 mm) to ensure that the measuring insert is pressed down on the bottom of the thermowell. Instead of the terminal socket a transmitter canbe installed, or the measuring insert is prepared for transmitter mounting.
  Reference sensor see data sheet T4-025-46, Type series GA3110.
Measuring resistor: measuring resistor Pt100 perDIN EN 60751
nominal value of Pt 100 sensor:100 Ohm at 0 °C
  Option: 2x Pt100 in 3-wire
Class A per EN 60751
Temperature range: -50…400 °C
Accuracy: measuring resistor:
class A per EN 60751 in the range between -50...300 °C, otherwise class B
Insulation resistance: > 100 MOhm by 20 °C (500 VDC)
Fuctional safety: Classification of Pt100 sensor per SIL2,
per EN 61508
Measuring insert length: The length of the measuring insert is to be selected so that the measuring insert stands on the thermowell bottom. This ensures good heat transfer.
We recommend the use of thermolube.
  Standard lengths see order details. Special lengths are possible.
Mounting of transmitter Pt100 transmitter for head mounting can be mounted instead of terminal socket.
Tests and Certificates
Ex-approval: IBExU 13 ATEX 1017 X
II 2G Ex ia IIC T6-T1 Gb
  Ui ≤ 30 V
Pi ≤ 750 mW
Li max. 10 µH/m
Ci max. 500 pF/m
More technical information see XA_003.
Type series
GA3100, GA3101


  • T4-025-45

    Data Sheet

  • XA_003

    Ex Instructions