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第57届全国药机展同期LABOM技术交流会邀您参与 ——更多好礼等你拿

业界皆知,全国制药机械暨中国国际制药机械博览会曾连续被中华人民共和国商务部列为重点支持展会之一, 是业界公认的专业化、国际化、规模大、展品全、观众多,集贸易、研讨于一体的制药装备行业交流平台。

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Pressure measurement

LABOM IO-link technology

Exciting interview with Dr. Thomas Köster, Head of R&D at LABOM: Digitalisation is moving into process engineering. The proven 4-20 mA current interface is still widespread, but is increasingly being called into question. A promising approach is IO-Link technology. (Interview in german language)

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Pressure measurement, Temperature measurement

The new V-line: pressure and temperature transmitter compact and precise

LABOM is presenting two professional innovations simultaneously for the pharmaceutical and food industries and for biotechnology: The pressure transmitter PASCAL CV4 and the temperature transmitter GV4 are part of the new V-Line, which is specially designed to meet the particularly high demands of these industries in terms of hygienic design the recommendations of EHEDG and FDA.

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Level measurement, Pressure measurement

Red Bull: Tracking down temperature errors

In five factories in China, Red Bull produces around 4.5 million cans of its iconic energy drink per year. To cope with this enormous volume, not only must production run smoothly, the process must also be arranged as efficiently as possible.  

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