Chemical / Petrochemical Industries

Extremely hot, explosive, corrosive: the media that are monitored in the chemical and petrochemical industry – whether in factories or offshore rigs – require pressure measuring equipment that can withstand extreme environmental conditions. The instruments not only need to be resistant to high temperatures and aggressive media, but also intrinsically safe as prescribed by the ATEX standard.

For years now, Labom measuring equipment has proven itself in the chemical and petrochemical industry. As a rule, we use stainless steel or higher quality materials (e.g. tantalum, Hastelloy, nickel or PTFE). This provides optimum protection against corrosive media.

Labom diaphragm seals are used for performing pressure measurements on aggressive media or at especially high process temperatures As one of the leading providers in the field of diaphragm seal technology, you can rely on our patented technologies for even the most challenging measuring tasks.

Measuring temperature under challenging process conditions poses similar problems. Labom thermowells made of special materials (for instance, with a tantalum coating) offer complete protection against the medium to be measured. Labom clamp-on equipment is used as an alternative to conventional immersion temperature measuring. It is used to measure the temperature on the surface of pipes or tanks.

Suitable devices for petrochemistry