chemical / petrochemical industries

Chemical / Petrochemical Industries

Labom devices meet requirements such as extreme environmental conditions like high temperatures or aggressive media and most of them are intrinsically safe as prescribed by the ATEX standard.

pharmaceutical industry / biotechnology

Pharmaceutical Industry / Biotechnology

Labom specialised in manufacturing measuring equipment in hygienic design: Hygienic surfaces, easy-to-clean housings, elimination of dead zones and aseptic process connections are some of the properties of the devices.

the food industry


Labom develops and manufactures measuring equipment for food and beverages application fields according to internationally recognised standards for hygienic design. All devices are suitable for CIP or SIP cleaning.

paint industry / plastics industry

Paint industry / Plastics industry

In the painting industry, the use of dead-zone free measuring devices with perfect cleaning properties is as important as in hygienic applications, as even the smallest amount of paint residue from a previous batch can result in undesired colour mixtures. For these applications Labom developed fill fluids free of silicone.