Machinery automotive industry

Machinery /Automotive Industry

One of the challenges in machinery (resp. in automotive industry) lies in the trend towards the use of water-soluble paints. As a result, Labom offers a silicone free diaphragm seal system filling for painting systems. In other machinery sectors, Labom helps customers to find suitable instruments for their measuring tasks.

shipbuilding and marine equipment

Shipbuilding and Marine Equipment

The very aggressive environment in particular (salt water, vibrations, dirt) place highest demands on measuring equipment. It must therefore be designed to be especially robust and reliable. Labom´s proximity to the coast is for sure one of the factors that makes us especially alert to the demands of the shipping industry.

industrial production

Industrial Production

Depending on the target sector of machinery and equipment, special requirements are to be considered for measurement instrumentation: Labom provides a broad range of proven devices suitable for many different applications.