renewable energies

Renewable Energies

Labom is familiar with the energy storage sector and when it comes to designing equipment for wind turbines, Labom is working in close cooperation with leading manufacturers of wind power plants.



As a versatile energy carrier, hydrogen plays a key role in the successful implementation of the energy transition. But handling the smallest molecule in existence also brings challenges. Labom offers solutions.

power plants / public utilities

Power Plants / Public Utilities

Long-term stability without maintenance, efficiency, security of supply and reliability are important criteria when choosing the measurement components for public utilities and power plants.

oil / gas production, onshore and offshore

Oil / Gas Production / Onshore / Offshore

Measurement devices in oil and gas production must be particularly robust and reliable to be able to withstand the harsh environments with temperature peaks and contamination.

water / wastewater management

Water / Wastewater Managemt

Labom standard stainless steel equipment can take on many tasks in the area of water and waste water because of its robust design with excellent moisture protection.