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  • AGB
    General conditions for the supply of products and services of the electrical and electronics industry (AGB)
  • AGB_E
    General conditions supplementary clause
  • PS_WK
    Return shipment / Declaration of contamination
  • DSE
    Data protection notice relating to the website
  • KV_AEO
    Authorised economic operator (AEO)
  • ZER_037
    Directive 2014/68/EU (DGRL)
  • KV_FB
    Exemption certificate concerning tax deduction for construction work per §48b paragraph 1 Einkommensteuergesetz
  • CoC
    Code of conduct for corporate social responsibility
  • ZER_035
    DIN ISO 9001: Development, production and sales of industrial measuring and control systems
  • ZER_036
    Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX)
  • ZER_038
    IECEx DE/TUN/QAR06.0014/02
  • ZER_084
    PTB 13 ATEX Q002 QMS Flame arrester KF
  • HE_100
    Manufacturer´s declaration: EU Directives and regulations
  • HE_055
    Manufacturer´s declaration: QM-System ISO 9001:2015