Pressure transmitter PASCAL CV for diaphragm seal operation, robust

Type series CV3120

  • EX
  • SIL2
  • HART
Pressure transmitter PASCAL CV for diaphragm seal operation, robust - CV3120


  • Modular pressure transmitter with diaphragm seal technology. Output signal: - 4…20 mA - HART® protocol (rev. 6), option - PROFIBUS PA, option
  • Function modules - Multifunctional display with 5-segment digital display and bar graph - Switching module with 2 flating channels, maximum 0.5 A switching current, electrically isolated at all sides, without additional auxiliary power
  • Function module replacement on site without recali- bration "plug and measure"
  • Various process connections
  • Limits of measuring range 0...80 mbar to 0...100 bar
  • Accuracy ≤ 0,15 %
  • Turndown 5:1
  • Degree of proctection IP 66, piezoresistive measuring cell directly aerated


  • Explosion protection for gases and dust
  • Material certificate as per EN 10204-3.1
  • Calibration certificate as per EN 10204-3.1
  • Classification per SIL2
  • Degree of protection IP 69K
  • EAC declaration (upon request)

Technical Data

Constructional design / case
Design: Two-chamber case design with screw cap.
  Minimum case volume, excellent moisture and condensate protection
Material: Stainless steel mat.-no. 1.4301 (304)
Degree of protection per EN 60529: IP 66
  optional: IP 69K
Climatic category per EN 60721 3-4: 4K4H
Pressure compensation: PTFE filter system
Window: Non splintering plastic: Makrolon
El. Anschluss: Screw terminal 1 mm²
Cable gland: Cable gland M16, material: PA
  Circular connector M12
  Further details see order code and upon request.
Weight: Standard device without diaphragm seal and function modules approx. 0.65 kg
Process connection
Construction: Welded design, Variants see order details
Material wetted parts
Material: Stainless steel mat. no. 1.4435 (316L/316)
Gasket: EPDM-FDA listed (in case of flush mount-ed diaphragm with O-ring)
Measuring system
Sensor: Piezoresistive measuring element
System filling: Synthetic oil, free of silicone FD1, FDA listed
Limit point setting: per DIN 16086
Reference conditions: per EN 60770-1
Linearity errors: ≤ 0.15 % of span TD 5:1 no modification
Hysteresis: ≤ 0.05 % of nominal range
Repeatability: ≤ 0.05 % of nominal range
Calibration position: Vertical mounting position
Influence of mounting position: ≤ 3.5 mbar
Long-term drift: (EN 60770-1) ≤ 0.1 % / year of nominal range
Temperature influence case: Lower range value / upper range value
  Range 0…60 °C: ± 0.15 % / 10K of nominal range
  Range < 0 °C, > 60 °C: ± 0.2 % / 10K of nominal range
Temperature influence process connection: Depending on design
  detailed information see data sheet
General: Delay time: approx. 160 ms
  Measuring cycle: 6 measurements / second
  Measuring range setting: Turndown 5:1
Basic module: 4…20 mA Signal: 4…20 mA, 2-wire
  Current range: 3.8…20.8 mA
  Current limitation: approx. 22 mA
  Alarm state: < 3.6 mA, optional > 21 mA
  Damping: 0…120 seconds
  Load R: R ≤ (U-12V DC)/0,022A [Ohm]
U = supply voltage
Basic module: PROFIBUS PA Signal: digital per IEC 61158-2
  Protocol: EN 50170-PROFIBUS PA, Profile 3.0
  Sensor address: 0…126 (126 = factory setting)
  Power consumption: constantly 11 mA
  Fehlerstrom I FDE : 2 mA
  Damping: 0…300 seconds
  Parameterisation: SIMATIC PDM
Supply voltage
Basic module: 4…20 mA PROFIBUS PA
Standard design:    
Functional range: 12…40 V DC 9…32 V DC
Functional range: 12…30 V DC 9...17.5 V DC
Temperature ranges
Ambient: -20…85° C
Media: up to 125 °C, short term up to 140 °C
  with temperature decoupler up to 160 °C
  with capillary up to 350 °C
Storage: -40…85° C
Note safety values as per examination certificate!
Tests and certificates
see documents
Type series
CV3120, CV3121


  • D4-017-3

    Data Sheet

  • BA-028

    Operating Instruction - basic module

  • BA_029

    Operating Instruction - switching module

  • BA_030

    Operating Instruction - display module

  • BA_031

    Operating Instruction - display and switching module

  • BA_043

    Operating Instruction - PROFIBUS PA

  • BA_045

    Operating Instruction - changing module

  • BA_055

    Operating Instruction - HART

  • BA_081

    Operating Instruction - display and HART

  • XA_015

    Ex Instructions

  • ZER_013

    Certificate - ATEX

  • ZER_041

    Certificate - HART

  • ZER_042

    Certificate - PROFIBUS PA

  • ZER_044

    Certificate - SIL2

  • KE_028

    Declaration of Conformity

  • Software

    PASCAL CV HART (DD/EDD) for Simatic PDM V6.0 SP5, V8.1 und V9.x

  • Software

    PASCAL CV Profibus PA (DD/EDD) for Simatic PDM V6.0 SP5

  • Software

    PASCAL CV HART (DD/EDD) for Emerson AMS V6.1 und V8.1

  • Software

    PASCAL CV HART (DD/EDD) for Emerson Handheld Communicator 375/475


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