Pressure transmitter UNIVERSAL - highly overload protected

Type series CD1020/CD2020

  • EX
Pressure transmitter UNIVERSAL - highly overload protected - CD1020/CD2020


  • Measuring ranges 0...2,5 bar up to 0...25 bar, relative and absolute pressure
  • Piezoresistive sensor element
  • Measuring system overload protected up to 250 bar
  • Stainless steel housing as standard or field housin
  • Output signal: 4...20 mA, 2-wire technology


  • High explosion protection for gases, IECEx
  • Overload protected up to 400 bar
  • Output signal: 0...20 mA / 0...10 VDC / 2...10 VDC / 0...5 VDC

Technical Data

Constructional design / case
Standard housing with right angle plug: material: st. steel mat.-no. 1.4301 (304)
degree of protection: IP 65
  Silicon cover plate for trimming potentiometers.
Right angle plug as per EN 175301-803-A (DIN 43650, form A)
with cable gland M16x1.5 mm,
cable diameter 4...10 mm.
  Inner chamber aeration for measuring ranges ≤ 10 bar.
Field housing, solid design: material: st. steel mat.-no. 1.4301 (304)
degrees of protection:
IP 67, inner chamber aeration via connection cable for excess pressure measuring range ≤ 10 bar.
IP 65, inner chamber aeration via integrated sintered filte, only for excess pressure measuring ranges ≤ 10 bar, if aeration via cable is impossible.
  Screwable cover ring with O-ring seal for the externally accessible trimming potentiometers.
  Screwable case cap for connection chamber.
Connection terminals 4 mm².
  Cable gland M16x1.5 for cable diameter 4.5...10 mm, material polyamide.
Process connection: G1/2 B, EN 837-1
Measuring system: Piezoresistive measuring bridge, protected by integrated stainless-steel diaphragm.
Filling material: Silicone oil
Material: diaphragm: st. steel mat.-no. 1.4404 (316L)
socket: st. steel mat.-no. 1.4404 (316L)
Weights: standard housing: approx. 400 g
field housing approx. 800 g
Storage temperature range: -25...+80 °C
Process temperature range: -10...+50 °C
Erweiterter Temperaturbereich auf Anfrage
Compensated temperature range: -10...+50 °C
Temperature influence: on zero point and meas. span: ≤ 0.3 %/10K
Auxiliary power supply: standard version:
- nominal voltage 24 V DC
- function range
2-wire technology 14...30 V DC
3-wire technology 16...30 V DC
- max.permiss.operating voltage 30 V DC
  Ex design:
permiss. voltage range of 2-wire circuitry 15...30 V DC
  Ex design:
permiss. voltage range of 3-wire circuitry 16...30 V DC
Standard measuring ranges: see order details
Overload influence: ≤ 0,1 % f.s.
Output signal: 4...20 mA, 2-wire technology, standard.
Further possibilities see order details
Test output (with field housing only): non interruptible output current measurement via integrated LOC diode
Current limitation in output signal: max. output current approx. 30 mA
Linearity error incl. hysteresis: ≤ 0.3 % f.s. (limit point calibration)
Adjustable range: zero point and measuring span approx. ± 10 %
Response time: ≤ 20 ms
Electrical data: Sum of maximum values in the intrinsically safe circuits
Ui = 30 V
Ii = 100 mA
Pi = 0,7 W
  Further information see data sheet.
Burden: 2-wire circuitry:
standard version : Ra = UB - 14 V / 20 mA (KOhm)
  with explosion protection: Ra = UB - 15 V / 20 mA (KOhm)
  3-wire circuitry:
all models withcurrent output Ra = UB - 9 V / 20 mA (KOhm)
  3-wire circuitry:
all models with voltage output Ia ≤ 20 mA
  voltage output:
a current of 20 mA can be obtained in the case of devices with power output.
  UB = operating voltage
Ra = max. permissible burden resistance(incl. lead)
Burden influenc: for 500 Ohm burden of change: ≤ 0.1 % f.s.
Caution: Make sure that there is equipotential bon-ding along the entire wiring run both inside and outside the explosion hazardous area.
  Switch off device if it is installed in zone 0 and in temperature class T5 and T6 and it fails!
  EMC Test as per IEC 801
Information on other models see order details or upon request.
Tests and certificates
See documents
Type series
CD1020, CD1021, CD2020, CD2021


  • D4-031

    Data Sheet

  • BA_020

    Operating Instruction

  • XA_007

    Ex Instructions

  • ZER_008

    Certificate - ATEX

  • ZER_009

    Certificate - IECEx

  • KE_021

    Declaration of Conformity


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