Pressure transmitter COMPACT ECOnomic for diaphragm seal operation

Type series CA1110

Pressure transmitter COMPACT ECOnomic for diaphragm seal operation - CA1110


  • Digital pressure transmitter
  • Hygienic design according to EHEDG, selected process connections with EHEDG certificate
  • Case and wetted parts of stainless steel, degree of protection IP 65 / IP 67
  • Measuring ranges: 0…1 bar up to 0…40 bar; -1…0 bar up to -1…15 bar
  • Output signal 4…20 mA, 2-wire technology
  • Accuracy ≤ 0.5 %
  • Easy zero point correction using a magnet
  • Media temperature 140 °C
  • EAC declaration (upon request)


  • Certificate of measuring equipment for Russian Federation
  • Material certificate as per EN 10204-3.1
  • Roughness height rating with inspection certificate acc. to EN 10204-3.1
  • Output signal (invers) 20…4 mA
  • Accuracy ≤ 0.3 %
  • Hygienic design
  • Wetted parts electropolished

Technical Data

Constructional design / case
Design: Hygienic case with high moisture protection
Material: Stainless steel mat.-no. 1.4301 (304)
Degree of protection per EN 60529: Circular connector: IP 65 / IP 67
Right-angle plug: IP 65
Pressure compensation: Ventilation via electrical connection
Electrical connection: Circular connector M12x1 (4 pin)
  Right-angle plug per EN 175 301803-A (DIN 43650 model A)
Weight: approx. 0.8 kg
Process connection
Design: See order details
Material wetted parts
Diaphragm: See order details
Hygienic design
The surface roughness of the wetted parts made of stain-less steel are executed according to EHEDG Doc.8 and ASME BPE SF3.
In case of choosing the additional feature HY, we guarantee the following surface roughness values:
Diaphragm foil: Ra ≤ 0.38 µm
Laser welds: Ra ≤ 0.76 µm
Turned parts: Ra ≤ 0.76 µm
Further versions of hygienic design upon request.
Measuring system
Sensor: Thin film sensor
System filling: Synthetic oil, free of silicon FD1, FDA listed, class USDA-H1
Nominal range
For detailed information see data sheet.
Limit point setting: per DIN 16086
Reference conditions: per DIN EN 60770-1
Calibration position: vertical mounting position
Accuracy (Lin./Hyst./Rep.): ≤ 0.5 % of nominal range
  optional: ≤ 0.3 % of nominal range
Long term drift: ≤ 0.1 % / year of nominal range
Temperature influence (transmitter): ≤ 0.2 % / 10 K of nominal range
Temperature influence (process connection): Depending on the type of diaphragm seal
Upon request we will provide a detailed error analysis.
Signal: 4…20 mA (20…4 mA), 2-wire technology
Damping: 12 ms
Measuring rate: 80 Hz (Other measuring rates upon request)
Current range: 3.7…22 mA
Resolution: 6 µA
Load, RB: RB ≤ (UV-10V)/0,022 A [Ω]
(UV = supply voltage)
Supply voltage
Functional range: 10...32 V DC
Temperature ranges
Temperature ranges for the design of the diaphragm seal system (in combination with the pressure transmission fluid FD1):
Ambient: -10…50 °C
Media: -10…140 °C
Adjusted design temperature ranges within the following maximum values are possible on request:
Ambient: -40…85 °C
Media: -10…140 °C (At a max. ambient temperature of 55 °C)
Storage: -40…85 °C
Tests and certificates
See documents
Type series


  • D4-019-6

    Data Sheet

  • BA_075

    Operating Instruction

  • XA_012

    Ex Instructions

  • ZER_094

    Certificate - ATEX

  • KE_044

    Declaration of Conformity


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