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  • Differential pressure gauge NS 100/ 160 with switch function, high working pressure

Differential pressure gauge NS 100/ 160 with switch function, high working pressure

Type series BG3200/BG3300

  • EX
Differential pressure gauge NS 100/ 160 with switch function, high working pressure - BG3200/BG3300


  • Differential pressure gauge with switch function
  • Nominal range 0…1 to 0…25 bar
  • High quality case with bajonet ring DN 100/160
  • Wetted parts of stainless steel and NBR
  • Case and measuring flange of stainless steel, diaphragm of Duratherm
  • Working pressure up to 500 bar, one-sided and double-sided
  • Accuracy class as per DIN 16085
  • Electrical contact device per DIN 16085: slow acting contact, magnetic snap contact, inductive contact, inductive contact with integrated switching amplifier
  • EAC declaration (upon request)


  • Explosion protection
  • Certificate of measuring equipment for Russian Federation
  • Material certificate per EN 10204
  • Calibration certificate per EN 10204
  • Case with liquid filling
  • Extended temperature range
  • Connection to Zone 0
  • 3-way valve block
  • Wetted gaskets of special materials

Technical Data

Constructional design / case
Design: High quality case with bayonet ring, material: st. steel mat.-no. 1.4301 (304)
Ventilation valve, material: PUR
Nominal size: NS 100 or NS 160
Degree of protection per EN 60529: - Without case filling: IP 65
- With case filling: IP 66
Case filling: Labofin
Case seal: Material gasket: NBR
Extended temperature range: silicone
Pressure chamber seal: Material gasket: NBR
Window: Non-splintering laminated glass.
Option: Non-splintering plastic (Macrolon)
Contact lock: Stainless steel with NBR gasket
Measuring element: Diaphragm
Movement: Stainless steel segment
Scale: Pure aluminium, white with black inscription Option: with red marking Special scale upon request
Pointer: Pure aluminium, black, with micro adjustment for zero point correction
Mounting: sturdy device holder
Weights: Without filling:
  Radial or axial connection: approx. 14 kg Valve block design: approx. 17 kg
Diaphragm seal design: approx. 22 kg
Process connection
Design: - G1/2 B axial, option: G3/8 screw-in thread, adaption per EN 61518, arranged vertically to measuring flange.
- Valve block mounting possible.
- Diaphragm seal fitting with capillary.
Material wetted parts
Measuring flange: Stainless steel mat.no. 1.4571 (316Ti) and 1.4404 (316L)
Nominal range
See order details, further ranges upon request
Overload protection: Plus and minus sides up to max. working pressure. Other designs upon request.
Accuracy class: NS 100 / NS 160 without case filling, see data sheet.
  For devices with case filling it is not possible to specify the accuracy class.
  Plus effect of switch function on indication per DIN 16085.
Temperature influence: Max. ± 0.8% / 10K of measuring span per EN 837-3.
Working pressure: 250 bar, 400 bar, 500 bar
Influence working pressure: 2 x 10 -5 % of measuring range
Temperature ranges
  without filling with filling
Ambient: -20…50 °C -20…50 °C
Media: -20…100 °C -20…100 °C
Storage: -40…70 °C -40…70 °C
Switch functions
Further information see operating instruction BA_037 and Technical information TA_039.
Tests and certificates
see documents
Type series
BG3200, BG3201, BG3240, BG3241, BG3300, BG3301, BG3340, BG3341


  • D3-035

    Data Sheet

  • BA_037

    Operating Instruction

  • XA_005

    Ex Instructions - Mechanical measuring devices

  • XA_013

    Ex Instructions - Gauges with slot-type initiators (type SJ2-N and SJ3,5-N)

  • XA_014

    Ex Instructions - Gauges with slot-type initiators (type SJ2-SN and SJ3,5-S(1)N)

  • XA_021

    Ex Instructions - Gauges with magnetic snap contact


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