Connecting parts and gaskets for pressure gauges

Type series MF_MR_MS_DU

Connecting parts and gaskets for pressure gauges - MF_MR_MS_DU


  • Connection parts and gaskets for mechanical pressure gauges and electronic pressure transmitter


  • Designs in stainless steel, C-steel or brass

Technical Data

Pulsation dampener
Design with lateral setting spindle
Connection G 1/2 (specify deviations)
in brass up to 250 bar, in steel up to 600 bar
Dimensions SW 27 / L= 60 mm
Weight approx. 0.3 kg
Threaded coupling for pressure gauges
Design for the transition to clamped cone pipe connection
(ex stock for 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm pipe diameters). Instrument connection G 1/2
Dimensions A/F 27 / L= 45 mm
Weight approx. 0,2 kg
Tension bush per DIN 16283
Design Thread left/right G 1/2 (specify deviations)
Dimensions A/F 27 / L= 36 mm
Weight approx. 0,1 kg
Connecting stud per DIN 16282, model 6
Design Thread left G 1/2 B (specify deviations) with
welding stud
Dimensions 20 mm Ø / L= 40 mm
Weight approx. 0,1 kg
Nippel connections for pressure gauges per DIN 16284
Design Thread G 1/2 welding stub 12 mm (specify deviations)
Dimensions Union nut: A/F 27 / L= 30 mm
Welding stub: 18 / 12 Ø L= 30 mm
Weight Union nut: approx. 0.09 kg
Welding stub: approx. 0.03 kg
Sealing washers for pressure gauges per DIN EN 837
Gaskets are available at stock. Dimensions/materials upon request, see data sheet.
Overload protection
Design Overload protection in combination with diaphragm seal for bourdon tube pressure gauges or pressure transmitters.
Measuring ranges mech. gauges from 1.6 to 250 bar
transmitters from 1.0 to 250 bar
Overload protected up to 600 bar
(depending on the nominal pressure of diaphragm seal)
Ambient temperature -10...60 °C
Material stainless steel
Type series
MF1010, MF1020, MF1030, MF2100, MR2010, MR2020, MR2030, MR3010, MR3020, MR3030, MR4010, MR4020, MR4030, MR4110, MR4120, MR4130, MR5010, MR5020, MR5030, MR5110, MR5120, MR5130


  • D6-035

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