Hygienic measurement in explosive environments

Temperature measurement

The resistance thermometer GA2730 Minitherm of LABOM has a matching range of thermowells for hygienic temperature measurement and is approved for use in explosive environments. In addition the Pt100 element meets the SIL2 safety requirements of EN 61508 for functional safety. The unique combination of equally high hygienic and safety standards qualifies the type series GA2730 Minitherm for the thermowell system HP1200 for demanding measurement tasks in the fields of pharmaceutics, biotechnology and food industry.

The HIT thermowell system for hygienic invasive temperature measurement (HIT) is welded orbitally in a process pipe section. The neck tube with the Pt100 sensor of the resistance thermometer can thus be assembled and disassembled without any interruption of the process. The invasive measurement method enables a particularly fast responding measurement. The GA2730-Minitherm sensor is also available with a G3/8 sensor port which is compatible with protective sleeves of other manufacturers.

Due to its intrinsically safe design the resistance thermowell GA2730 Minitherm can also be used in explosive gas atmospheres zone 1 and 2 and dust atmospheres zone 21 and 22. Compliance with the requirements for SIL2 safety functions of electrical system ensures that the thermometer also works reliably in combination with appropriate transducers.

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