Pressure measurement

The PASCAL Ci4 series: Highly intuitive operation concept

The devices of the PASCAL Ci4 series are suitable for the measuring of pressure, differential pressure and level – and they impress with a high intuitive level of operation.

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Pressure measurement, Temperature measurement

ASEPTconnect inline unit enables residue-free cleaning and sterilization

ASEPTconnect, an innovative inline unit with an aseptic clamp connection according to DIN 11864-3, model A, allows highly hygienic operation as well as for thorough cleaning and sterilization (CIP/SIP).


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Pressure measurement

ATC technology reduces temperatur error up to 90%

High-precision pressure measurement with PASCAL Ci4 and diaphragm seals: ATC technology reduces temperatur error up to 90% - Pressure transmitter PASCAL Ci4 with additional temperature sensor behind the diaphragm sea.

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Level measurement, Pressure measurement

Device specially designed for hydrostatic level measurement: PASCAL Ci4 measures level, volume and weight of tank content

LABOM presents their new level measurement device PASCAL Ci4. For the first time, the user-interface software of a pressure measurement device has been fully optimised so as to enable hydrostatic level measurements.

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