Pressure measurement, Temperature measurement

ASEPTconnect inline unit enables residue-free cleaning and sterilization

ASEPTconnect, an innovative inline unit with an aseptic clamp connection according to DIN 11864-3, model A, allows highly hygienic operation as well as for thorough cleaning and sterilization (CIP/SIP).


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Pressure measurement

ATC technology reduces temperatur error up to 90%

High-precision pressure measurement with PASCAL Ci4 and diaphragm seals: ATC technology reduces temperatur error up to 90% - Pressure transmitter PASCAL Ci4 with additional temperature sensor behind the diaphragm sea.

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Level measurement, Pressure measurement

Device specially designed for hydrostatic level measurement: PASCAL Ci4 measures level, volume and weight of tank content

LABOM presents their new level measurement device PASCAL Ci4. For the first time, the user-interface software of a pressure measurement device has been fully optimised so as to enable hydrostatic level measurements.

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Temperature measurement

Hygienic measurement in explosive environments

The resistance thermometer GA2730 Minitherm of LABOM has a matching range of thermowells for hygienic temperature measurement and is approved for use in explosive environments. In addition the Pt100 element meets the SIL2 safety requirements of EN 61508 for functional safety.

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