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Dear Business Partner,

In the last few months we have had to accept rapid cost increases in a wide range of areas. So far, we have not passed on any of these increases to our customers. However, due to the continuing trend, this is now no longer sustainable for our company either. For this reason, we will temporarily levy a general surcharge of 4.6% from August 30th, 2021. We will continue to monitor the situation and hope for a normalisation soon.


We thank you for your understanding!


The V-Line by LABOM is now one device richer: With a combination of compact design and large display, the new differential pressure transmitter packs in the maximum number of features per cubic millimeter.

Pressure measurement, Temperature measurement

With this trial set, we present you the devices of the V-Line: In a very compact design with a large display surface, they support the user with a special quick setup for speedy installation. The high-resolution and well-illuminated dot-matrix display facilitates the parameterization of the devices. They deliver an output signal of 4... 20 mA in 2-wire technology (HART®) Order your trial set now!

Pressure measurement

Exciting interview with Dr. Thomas Köster, Head of R&D at LABOM: Digitalisation is moving into process engineering. The proven 4-20 mA current interface is still widespread, but is increasingly being called into question. A promising approach is IO-Link technology. (Interview in german language)